He also say Spiritualized’s next album may be it’s last (and best).

For anyone with fingers crossed for a Spacemen 3 reunion, co-founder Jason Pierce can’t make it clear enough that it won’t happen. In a new interview about his upcoming album as Spiritualized, the singer reveals he turned down a £2 million payday to reunite with the legendary 80s psych-rock outfit.

“It’s a ton of money. But I think it’s too important for that, I really do. It’s been my life’s work to wave my small flag to show how important rock n roll is. You can buy those records if you want to hear the music,” he explains to The Independent, addressing the argument that they have new fans who never saw them the first time:

“But there’s a whole history of mankind and I wasn’t there for most of it. Maybe I’m just stupid. I certainly need the money. Who doesn’t need that? Who couldn’t give half of it away if they did have it?”

While Pierce has focused on Spiritualized since 1990, he revealed that band may also be on the way out. The band’s eighth album is due next year and is something of a swan song according to him.

“In a weird way, I think it’s my last record,” he explains. “I’ve already covered so much ground and already done a load of ideas. There’s no point doing something unless it’s better than that … I’ve never bowed to pressure and done anything I’d considered a bad move artistically. And I won’t start for anybody”.

On the bright side, Pierce believes his long-running project will go out on a strong note. He calls the album “the equal if not a lot better than Ladies and Gentlemen,” referring to his 1998 masterpiece (granted, he spends a whole lot more of the interview saying that album is not as good as everyone thinks).

Revisit the monumental title track of Ladies And Gentleman below.

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