The composer provided music for nearly 300 episodes of the show.

Dudley Simpson, the primary composer for Doctor Who in the 1970s, has died at age 95. He provided music for many of the series’ all-time best serials including City Of Death and Genesis Of The Daleks.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Simpson later moved to London where he worked as principal conductor at the Royal Opera House for three years. He then shifted into television composition creating truly great music for shows such as The Tomorrow People and Blake’s 7.

But Simpson’s legacy is forever tied to Doctor Who, which first featured his incidental music in 1964 for its second season premiere Planet Of The Giants. He would compose for nearly 300 episodes of Doctor Who, primarily during the 1970s Tom Baker era when the show became a cultural phenomenon.

In addition to his music, Simpson was honored with a cameo in one of Doctor Who‘s other classic serials he composed for, The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Fittingly, he played a conductor.

Watch a short interview with Simpson about the show and revisit some of his compositions for the series below.

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