This morning’s FACT mix comes from Night Slugs new boy Girl Unit.

Well, we say new boy; Girl Unit may have only just released his first 12”, the phenomenal ‘IRL’, but he’s been a part of the Night Slugs crew since the beginning, playing a mixture of mutant club music, hip-hop and R’n’B in a way that’s gripping and completely on point.

Girl Unit’s own productions take in vintage, star-lit house (‘Temple Keys’), dramatic R’n’B (‘Wut’) and 808-heavy Chicago dancefloor gear (‘IRL’), while the mix he compiled for US blog Palms Out is one of the best free mixes we’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year.

New tracks by Bok Bok, Dubbel Dutch, Addison Groove and more feature on Girl Unit’s FACT mix, along with a healthy dose of Timbaland and Terror Danjah, a juke closing session with DJ Rashad and more, and a couple of new productions of Girl Unit’s own.

This Friday Girl Unit will be playing what’s pretty much the party of the year at Cable, London. Presented by We Fear Silence and compiled by FACT, Room 1 sports a 90 minute Mala set, Scuba’s first UK live show, MMM / Berghain’s Fiedel, Altered Natives, Deep Teknologi and Spatial, while Room 2 features Seiji, Subeena and a Night Slugs takeover with Chicago’s DJ Rashad, Lil Silva, Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Girl Unit and Jam City.

You can get cheap early bird tickets here; if you’re in London and not down with going then we don’t know what to say.

1. Mista Men – Lengthy Riddim
2. Jay R Revlon – African Runway
3. Machinedrum – Carry the Weight (Bok Bok remix)
4. Mauser – Jack Orchestra
5. Dubbel Dutch – Throwback
6. Girl Unit – I.R.L (DVA’s Hi Emotions remix)
7. 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology (Instrumental, Prod. Timbaland)
8. Pirate Soundsystem – Dub N U (Girl Unit remix)
9. Gemmy – Dolla Digital
10. Optimum – Crash Riddim
11. Japanese Telecom – The Making of Ultraman
12. Girl Unit – Shade On
13. Terror Danjah – Sidechain
14. Dubbel Dutch – Madloopz
15. De Schuurman – Nu Ga Je Danse
16. Aaliyah – R U That Somebody (Brenmar’s Windy City remix)
17. Addison Groove – Nautilus
18. La’ Chat – Smoke Junt
19. Girl Unit – Showstoppa
20. Chrissy Murderbot – I Believe In Love
21. DJ Rashad – Drop Juke Out
22. DJ Diamond – Gang Bangz
23. Cedaa – Tiffany

Photo by Steve Braiden



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