Heinrich Mueller, a.k.a. Gerald Donald, has remixed Chicago duo White Car.

For the uninitiated, Donald spent the best part of the ’90s as one half of Detroit techno unit Drexciya, a group whose mystery and backstory has never been seen since in electronic music (and, due to the Internet, probably won’t again). When James Stinson, the other half of the duo died, Donald’s music got weirder, colder and more obsessed with science: during this period he’s mostly recorded solo under the alias Heinrich Mueller, or as Dopplereffekt, though there are other projects on the go.

A remix from Donald isn’t quite as rare as you’d expect from a character of his reputation – a man’s gotta eat, after all – with Rustie, DJ Haus and more receiving the Mueller treatment in recent years. His frostbitten brand of drum machine funk probably suits White Car’s industrial racket better than any of those names, however. You can stream the results below.

White Car’s Everyday Grace is out now on Hippos in Tanks.



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