Andy Stott goes subterranean on a new remix of The Hundred In The Hands

By , May 14 2012

Red Light is the name of the new album from Brooklyn duo The Hundred In The Hands, and it just about sums up their style: flashy, atmospheric, tinctured with sleaze.

Lead single ‘Keep It Low’ sees the band continuing to refine their melodramatic electro-pop. As reported, the track will come bundled with remixes from the likes of Patten and JD Twitch. Most exciting of all, however, is a reinterpretation from Modern Love’s chief spelunker Andy Stott. FACT have an exclusive first play of his take on the track.

Stott might have spent the Noughties peddling hard-edged techno, but his recent work has seen him make a stylistic virtue out of the syrupy and the sluggish. Last year’s Passed Me By (and its follow-up We Stay Together) offered house music straight from the kiln – a murky, bleary-eyed masterpiece.

Stott’s take on ‘Keep It Low’ does what it says on the tin. The Manchester-based producer dials down the pace and cranks up the bottom-end, and the results are recognisably his own. There are interesting developments to be found too. The drum programming is a little tougher than Stott’s recent work, bringing Vatican Shadow’s martial clatter to mind. There’s also something special about hearing Eleanore Everdell’s relatively unmolested vocal line set atop Stott’s swampy production work – beauty shaking hands with the beast. A Jessie Ware and Modern Love hook-up? We’re just saying.

The ‘Keep It Low’ single is due on Warp on May 28, with Red Light following on June 11.

‘Keep It Low’ Tracklist:
1. Keep It Low (Edit)
2. Keep It Low (Andy Stott Remix)
3. Keep It Low (A JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
4. Mountains
5. Keep It Low (Patten Remix)
6. Keep It Low (A JD Twitch Optimo Dub)

Joseph Morpurgo

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