The Pharcyde's <i>Bizarre Ride</i> reissued again, as 3xCD box-set

Next month will see a CD box set of 1992’s hip-hop classic Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde.

In truth, the news is a tad confusing: this year’s Record Store Day already saw the release of a Bizarre Ride box-set, containing seven coloured 7″s, a 24-track double-CD including instrumentals, acapellas and a bonus track, plus posters, a jigsaw and more. We’re guessing this new, less lavish box-set represents a less specialist version: sporting as it does three CDs (“original album, full instrumentals, remixes and more”), detailed liner notes (presumably again by the album’s producer J-Swift, who contributed notes to the Record Store Day set) and vintage photos.

Delicious Vinyl will be handling this edition, and it drops on July 10-. Stream the group’s classic ‘Otha Fish’, from Bizarre Ride, below the tracklist.

1. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (Interlude)
2. Oh Shit
3. It’s Jiggaboo Time (Skit)
4. 4 Better Or 4 Worse
5. I’m That Type Of Nigga
6. If I Were President (Skit)
7. Soul Flower (Remix)
8. On The DL
9. Pack The Pipe (Interlude)
10. Officer
11. Ya Mama
12. Passin’ Me By
13. Otha Fish
14. Quinton’s On The Way (Skit)
15. Pack The Pipe
16. Return Of The B-Boy

CD2 (Instrumentals):
1. Oh Shit
2. 4 Better Or 4 Worse
3. I’m That Type Of Nigga
4. Soul Flower (Remix)
5. On The DL
6. Officer
7. Ya Mama
8. Passin’ Me By
9. Otha Fish
10. Return Of The B-Boy

CD3 (Remixes and B-Cydes):
1. Pork
2. I’m That Type Of Nigga (Straight Up Faded Mix)
3. Soul Flower (Wrong Tree Remix)
4. Soul Flower (Brand New Heavies Version)
5. Soul Flower (Dogs Bollocks)
6. Soul Flower (2 Tha 3 Mix)
7. Ya Mama (Matt Dike Remix)
8. Ya Mama (Kenny Dope Remix)
9. Ya Mama (J-Swift Remix)
10. Passin’ Me By (Brixton Flavour Remix)
11. Passin’ Me By (Fly As Pie Mix)
12. Otha Fish (The Heavy-Head O.G. Mix)
13. Otha Fish (L.A. Jay Remix)
14. Otha Fish (The Angel Mix)
15. Live @ Dodger Stadium



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