Hear ‘Zippo’, a free track from rising grime producer Mr. Mitch

By , Jul 4 2012

Mr. Mitch is one of grime’s gentler new faces

Recent album Searching Vol. 1: Venus took “love and relationships” as its nominal theme; some of its languid tracks owed more to Kruder & Dorfmeister than they did to Elijah & Skilliam.  He’s also the chap behind fledgling label Gobstopper, who recently knocked us for six with Bloom’s wonderful avant-grime track ‘Quartz’. He’s now just chucked a new track, ‘Zippo’, out into the ether for free consumption.

‘Zippo’ probably nabs its name from the lighter, but it’s Zippo’s Circus that first comes to mind; like a clown on a unicycle, the track is inelegant but entertaining. Almost every element, from the dinky drums to the Speak’N’Spell hookline, is prim and jaunty. Eski strings are present, but they’re stately rather than abrasive. There’s absolutely nothing imposing about ‘Zippo’, but it’s a thoroughly pleasant little edit. [via Mixmag]

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