Watch Mykki Blanco’s video for the aggro ‘Head is a Stone’

By , Jul 20 2012

Mykki Blanco (in and out of drag) thumps her chest from a rooftop perch in the video for ‘Head is a Stone.’

The thundering percussion of Mykki Blanco’s aggressive ‘Head is a Stone’ is the flip side of contemporary Le1f’s ‘Wut.’ This isn’t about looking fierce and throwing shade: it’s violent and angry, like if the MC5 were young, black and gay.

While not filled with the disturbing imagery of the ‘Join My Militia’ video, ‘Head is a Stone’ has the same captivating urgency. The song is off of Mykki Blanco & the Mutant Angels, out now on UNO and OH-WOW.

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