Teengirl Fantasy invite Kelela to breathe some life into Holy Other's 'Love Some1'

Particularly compared to their effervescent debut, Teengirl Fantasy’s recent Tracer was a surprisingly demure proposition.

Where the US pair’s older work was remarkably upfront, their latest record elected to hold back. In keeping with recent form, their new remix of Tri Angle pin-up Holy Other’s ‘Love Some1’ chooses not to pull out all the stops. Still, even if the bottled euphoria of yore is absent, ‘Love Some1’ is absolutely one of the best things they’ve done since 7am.

‘Love Some1”s damaged orchestral swell is repurposed into a twinkling club jam. If the original was monolithic and stately, the Teengirl Fantasy is decidedly inviting – it’s tactile stuff, full of intricate details and swooning micro-breakdowns. Kelela’s charming vocals are a welcome antidote to the original’s done-to-death pitchshifted R&B fragments: Holy Other’s work only has a trace of the human, whereas ‘Love Some1’ is fulsome and full-blooded. [via The Fader]



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