Industrious producer Star Slinger drops Cities Aviv collaboration and Little Dragon remix

Manchester beatmaker Star Slinger, far from a slouch at the best of times, has unveiled two new tracks in the last day.

Yesterday, he showcased a collaborative track with raw-throated rapper Cities Aviv. The stuttering ‘G A L L E R Y G U R L Z’ shows Star Slinger in glossy hip-hop mode, turning in his own twist on the ‘Shine Blockas’ template. Cities Aviv, meanwhile, adds some rough to the diamond.

Little Dragon, recently hoofed off Big Boi’s album in favour of Kelly Rowland, have also been reconfigured by the producer. The original version of ‘Sunshine’ – a corporate tie-in with Absolut – was a fine example of the modest electro-pop that the Gothenburg quartet specialise in. Star Slinger’s revision, meanwhile, is a no-frills house revamp that’s a fair sight less nuanced than the rest of the producer’s work. The pair will also be performing together at Electric Brixton on October 9.



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