Few unite high-concept and high-quality as successfully as cerebral electronic duo Matmos.  

Their forthcoming The Marriage Of Two Minds LP is part record, part thought experiment: Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt played white noise embedded with “the concept of the new Matmos record” to a host of volunteers, then used their subjects’ movements, observations and vocal ejaculations as compositional starting points for the record.

‘Very Large Green Triangles’, taken from the taster Ganzfeld EP on Thrill Jockey, is one of the results of their curious methodology. Ed Apodaca and Audrey Karleskind’s new clip interprets the remit very literally, showing San Francisco being taken from above by floating green pyramids. It’s all very Doctor Who, and the visuals fit snugly with the rollicking electro-funk that accompanies them. [via XLR8R]

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