Speaking about his musical genesis earlier this year, Ross ‘Throwing Snow’ Tones walked FACT through his past lives playing in bands, worshipping d’n’b, and studying musique concrete.

The diverse reference points show in his work, a heterogeneous brew of house, 2-step and what-have-you, ornamented with crystalline sonic details. This year, he’s contributed a knockout remix of young pup Happa, plus a fine take on ‘Darkrum’ by Tru Thoughts’ Anchorsong. He’s also boss of two separate labels: Left Blank has provided a home for Young Echo sprites Vessel and El Kid, whereas  A Future Without has given us of all things, a vinyl postcard.

Earlier this year, the producer snipped the ribbon on supplementary label Snowfall, releasing the coruscating, elegant Clamor EP. He’s now going to follow suit with a second EP, titled Aspera, and the lovely title track is streaming in full. The title means “to make rough” in Latin but, for all its fuzzy edges, ‘Aspera’ is a lucent affair, pleasantly reminiscent of Board Of Canada c. Geogaddi.

Aspera drops on December 3. [via Pitchfork]

1. Aspera
2. Melum
3. Lingerwell
4. Behest



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