There’s enough LDR remixes out there to power a small economy, but Lindstrøm’s effort is the best in some time.

As reported, H&M invited Del Rey to cover Bobby Vinton’s classic ‘Blue Velvet’, famous for its central appearance in David Lynch’s 1986 masterpiece of the same name. As homages went, it was good fun, if super-derivative. Starry-eyed Norwegian producer  has now sprinkled some particularly reactive fairy dust over Del Rey’s original, stretching the 30 second original into a 9 minute nu-disco opus. It’s everything a Del Rey remix should be: lithe, hazy, and highly sensuous.

Lindstrøm latest, Smalhans, is currently streaming exclusively on FACT prior to its release on November 5. ‘Blue Velvet’, incidentally, isn’t the only LDR remix doing the rounds: garage vet MJ Cole turned in a perfectly enjoyable version of ‘Ride’ earlier this week. [via Dazed]

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