Ruff Sqwad‘s White Label Classics is a release that FACT’s been waiting on for quite some time. 

A compendium of the East London grime crew’s greatest instrumentals, it marks the first digital release for some of the genre’s all-time greatest moments – the snowblind ‘Functions on the Low’, the rushing ‘Anna’, the Deep Space Grime of ‘No Bass’ and ‘Lethal Injection’ – many of which have, for some time, only been available for stupid money on Discogs and Ebay.

White Label Classics will be released through No Hats No Hoods on December 10, accompanied by photography from the time and liner notes by Dan Hancox (sometime scribe at FACT and The Guardian). FACT will be publishing a comprehensive interview with Ruff Sqwad in the coming week; until then, enjoy our full stream of the release below, and read our full countdown of 2012’s best reissues here.

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