Laurel Halo went her own way in 2012, releasing the forthright Quarantine LP and exploring new territory as King Felix.

Halo’s last effort under the King Felix guise was this year’s Spring EP for Liberation Technologies. a lovely selection of woozy techno as beamed through a prism. Halo’s just upped a new King Felix demo onto her Soundcloud, apparently recorded during her set at Italy’s Club To Club Festival, and it offers a more freeform take on the King Felix sound.

It’s quite a severe number: over a brooding drone, Halo fires off squelchy digital tones and scattershot percussion hits. Some lovely OPN-style synthwork dulls the sting, but it’s a neat reminder of Halo’s knack for balancing the respective demands of the lab and the dancefloor.

Halo will play the forthcoming MUTEK.ES festival in 2013. You can stream her recent Hyperdub single ‘Sunlight On The Faded’ here



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