Loop-based electronic pop artist Karen Gwyer has offered the first taste of her forthcoming debut LP.  

Following a super-super-super limited edition release as part of Kaleidoscope’s ‘LIMITED DUBS’ series, Gwyer has announced a debut LP for venturesome label No Pain In Pop (also home to Gwyer affiliate patten). Needs Continuum has been packaged as a somewhat chilly, academic release – the label tell us to expect “disorientating psych-physical equilibria” – but, in reality, it’s an enchanting album of processed kosmische, spiritually aligned with Julian Lynch and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel.

Unlike the house-leaning contribtution to the label’s The Bedroom Club II compilation, ‘Pikku-Kokki’ is a psychotropic slow-jam, all buzzy drones and half-heard pillow talk. Almost everything Gwyer does comes pre-coated with a patina, but ‘Pikku-Kokki’ is arguably her dreamiest transmission to date.

Needs Continuum will drop on February 25.



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