Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt invite you to explore “beautiful, massive and intriguing structures” on their new project.

Cyclopean unites Can founders Liebezeit and Schmidt with Metamono player (and Can fanatic) Jono Podmore and German producer Bernd Friedmann. It’s all rather incestuous – Podmore and Schmidt have worked together as Schmidt and Kumu, and Friedmann and Liebezeit have a number of collaborations under their belt – and Cyclopean sees this coalition of friends build their own strange, distinctive sound.

This fleet-footed, polyrhythmic EP is by turns spry (‘Apostles’) and sinister (‘Knuckles’). Friedmann’s the dominant influence, with his trademark percussive burble pulling focus on each of the record’s four tracks. Bells (something of a 2013 motif, it seems), guitar and prepared piano help build complex, cyclical grooves; the result is a highly diverting collection of exotic krautrock. [via The Quietus]

The EP is out this Monday, courtesy of Mute.



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