Stream Matmos' <em>The Marriage Of True Minds</em>

For those of you who haven’t got the memo about the concept behind Matmos’ latest full-length, it goes something like this.

M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel recruited a host of volunteers, including Keith Fullerton Whitman, to undergo a period of sensory deprivation, during which time they were blindfolded and bombarded with white noise. Daniel beamed “the concept of the new Matmos record” into their heads, then asked the subjects to describe what images flashed up in their minds. The findings were arranged into “poetic and conceptual scores”, which were subsequently used as roadmaps for Daniel and Schmidt to begin creating the record.

Having offered a taster of their methodology on last year’s Ganzfeld EP, Matmos are now about to release their full-length findings, titled The Marriage Of True Minds. The results range from warped electro-funk to delicate free-associative jams a la The Books. Guests include Dan Deacon (on throat singing duty, no less), Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian and Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak.

Head here to stream the LP, courtesy of Pitchfork. The Marriage Of True Minds is out on February 19 via Thrill Jockey.




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