Beck shares 360º interactive version of his take on David Bowie's 'Sound and Vision'

As promised, the eternal experimenter fully explores the digital limits of “sound and vision.”

Last week, Beck premiered his nine-minute version of David Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’, complete with 157-piece orchestra and rotating stage. While the undertaking loses a few points for being commissioned by Lincoln, it gains those back and more with this interactive, 360º version of the performance.

Directed Chris Milk captured the concert with both 360-degree cameras and 360-degree binaural microphones, allowing online viewers to virtually enjoy the performance from any seat in the house. By using your webcam’s facial recognition capabilities, you can control the cameras with movements of your head. It takes a minute to load, but the novelty is worth the wait. Experience ‘Sound and Vision’ in 360º now.



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