The Field turns out a chugging remix of charmed Aussies Tame Impala.

Axel Willner’s loop-based project caught attention with 2007’s spectacular From Here We Go Sublime, a wonderful exercise in looping as transcendence. 2009’s Yesterday And Today, by contrast, incorporated more acoustic textures and smoothed over its predecessor’s rough edges. He fell between both stools on 2011’s Looping State Of Mind, subsequently remixed by the likes of Junior Boys and Blondes on the Looping State Of Mind Remixe EP.

Willner’s latest wheeze is a new remix of hugely successful psych cadets Tame Impala. His 10 minute edit of Lonerism cut ‘Mind Magic’ is a fair whack slower than his usual material, moving at a crawl rather than a lick. Willner compensates by working vertically, layering track upon track until ‘Mind Magic’ deliquesces into an mbv-style swirl of sound.

“Mind Mischief’ is out now on Modular, also backed by a remix from Ducktails.



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