Listen to J Dilla rework Gary Numan's 'Cars' into 'Trucks'

The track comes from J Dilla’s previously-lost vocal album.

Earlier this year, we reported on The Diary, a collection of Dilla’s raps over beats, due out this spring via his family-run Pay Jay label. While the album still doesn’t have a release date, the ‘Anthem / Trucks’ single is out now.

Produced by Dilla himself, ‘Trucks’ reworks Gary Numan’s new wave classic ‘Cars’ in exactly the way you’d imagine. According to Pitchfork, ‘Trucks’ was recorded in late 2001/early 2002 in Detroit, and was previously leaked as an unmixed, unmastered MP3.

Stream ‘Trucks’ below. Just yesterday, another collection of posthumous Dilla compositions was scheduled for vinyl release.



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