Stream ADULT.'s first album in six years, <em>The Way Things Fall</em>

Poker-faced electro double act ADULT. are back in the building. 

Since 2001’s recently reissued Resuscitation, Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus have been a reliable go-to for eerie, sometimes ugly electro-pop. When they’re good, as on 2003’s Anxiety Always, they’re really good, offering an ultra-stylised reading of early 1980s darkwave.

The Way Things Fall is the Detroit duo’s first album in six years, and offers a comparatively accessible take on their dead-eyed, electroshocked sound – according to Miller, the album is “the closest we’ve come to writing traditional ‘pop’ songs, even though we know they are totally mutants”. Those who quietly wish The Knife’s Shaking The Habitual sounded a little more like Deep Cuts will find ample succour and solace; click below to stream.

The Way Things Fall is due on May 14 on Ghostly International. [via The Fader]



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