rish grime producer Bloom follows last year's spectacular 'Quartz' with a new EP, <i>Maze Temple</i>

Irish grime producer Bloom will follow last year’s ‘Quartz’ – FACT’s #10 track of 2012, don’t you know – with a new EP, Maze Temple, for Visionist’s Lost Codes label.

The three Bloom originals here, ‘Junipter, ‘Zing Panther’ and ‘Maze Temple’ are very much cut from the same cloth as ‘Quartz’ – wonky rhythms, hard-panned samples and spiky drops that make you stop in your tracks are very much the order of the day – while Visionist’s remix of ‘Maze Temple’ looks to the classic grime remix trend of reversing as many of the original’s sounds as possible for maximum carnage. It’s due out on May 24, and will be immediately followed by an EP titled Forgotten by newcomer Acre.

You can stream samples of both below, and read our New Talent piece on Bloom here.



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