Last May, Donna Summer, the queen of disco, sadly died. 

Best known for her Giorgio Moroder-produced hits ‘I Feel Love’ and ‘Love to Love You’, the news of her death prompted this tribute piece by Todd Honeycutt, a YouTube user who makes recreations of hits using just his voice; in his words, “all of the sounds are human – sound produced by me only, without pitch correction or auto-tune.” Although in his cover of ‘I Feel Love’ he breaks his own rules slightly, using pitch-shifting for one of the drum sounds and a bass note that “no human could hit”, it’s still damn impressive, and was brought to our attention this week by Moroder himself, on Facebook.

Check out the cover above, and stream Moroder’s first ever DJ set, from New York this week, here. New to Moroder’s work? Check out our beginner’s guide to him here.

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