Like your electronic music with a side helping of noise? Read on.

Taking a leaf out of the Actress playbook, Manuel ‘MGUN’ Gonzalez continues to drop jaws with this latest EP, and appears to go even deeper into the far reaches of noisy Detroit electro. If You’re Reading This follows on from Gonzalez’s previous EP, the outstanding The Near Future, and fans of that record’s spacious, frazzled sounds will be happy to hear that the producer is on a similar tip.

Gonzalez’s talent is in eking out real soul from his collection of machines; If You’re Reading This is raw, analogue electronic music but with an unshakable beating heart. Need some proof? Head over to the bizarrely-named ‘Jijijijij$ijijijiji’ to hear Gonzalez’s saturated, noise-drenched take on Drexciyan funk.

FACT recently interviewed Manuel Gonzalez, and you can check it out here.

If You’re Reading This is due out on Don’t Be Afraid soon. [via Dummy]



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