A peak-time blast of jackin’ noise from UK producer Mosca.

‘Ghetto Mix’ is one of three Mosca versions of ‘Wild World’, a new release by Sweatshop Boys, who are Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Cesar Merveille – a team of Visionquest-related acts who’ve joined up for a collaboration on the Leftroom label.

Channelling the raw house vibes of classic Chicago label Dance Mania – which relaunched earlier this year – the ‘Ghetto Mix’ slashes the vocal to an incoherent yelp and strips out all the pretty stuff to build a basic-but-deadly banger.

Alongside that remix, Mosca’s put together a ‘Deep Dub’ and a vocal mix version of ‘Wide World’. The tracks are out on vinyl already and digitally on 17 June.

Earlier in the year, grime don Spooky gave away a light-hearted rework of Mosca’s 2011 classic ‘Bax’, after Mosca himself came up with a vocal version featuring Katy B.

Hear the ‘Ghetto Mix’ below:



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