Peter standing alone.

Actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz’s obsession with Boards of Canada is well-documented, with the performer even giving us the first nugget of information on the duo’s Tomorrow’s Harvest last year. It seems fitting then that Serafinowicz should be the person to weave together a mix dedicated to the band’s sound, and for this week’s installment of Ninja Tune‘s long-running Solid Steel series that’s exactly what he did.

Blending documentary soundtracks, obscure dialogue and disco gems with more abstract sounds from the likes Aphex Twin, Benge and Boom Bip, Serafinowicz makes sure at all times that the sounds are in keeping with the Scottish duo’s modus operandi, and it feels like the perfect celebration of their sound.

Boards of Canada’s stone-cold classic Music Has the Right to Children turned fifteen this year, and FACT’s Maya Kalev wrote about its importance and subsequent influence here.



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