Producer Mark Pritchard has exorcised the Ghosts of his past, and is concentrating on the future.

Pritchard recently announced that he would be retiring all his pseudonyms to concentrate on solo material recorded under his own name. This feels like a bold move for someone who’s recorded under such a plethora of monikers (Harmonic 313, Reload, Troubleman and many more) but listening to new track ‘Ghosts’ there’s a sense that this clarity has given the ex-Jedi Knight focus.

A rolling slice of footwork-influenced low-end heavy electronics, the comb-filtered title is uttered coolly over a bed of bubbling 808 bass and scratchy analogue synths. Certainly if this is an indicator of the quality of the EP (and indeed the promised full-length) we’re in for a treat. [via Clash Magazine]

The Ghosts EP is due for release on June 24 via Warp.


01 Manabadman feat. Spikey Tee
02 Ghosts
03 Duppies
04 Get Wyld
05 Manabadman (Instrumental)



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