Excellent Brighton night The Outer Church announce huge compilation; Ekoplekz, Pye Corner Audio and Position Normal to feature

We’ve not a little affection for Brighton night The Outer Church – a reliable go-to for spooky, freaky or downright odd audiovisual showcases. 

Run by writer Joseph Stannard – who, incidentally, is pretty much responsible for importing the word “hauntology” into the contemporary pop critic’s idiom – The Outer Church has brought adventurous artists to Britain’s grooviest seaside town since 2009: Raime, Demdike Stare, Hacker Farm, Ekoplekz, Pye Corner Audio and Old Apparatus have all appeared under its aegis.

The night will put its name to a sizeable new compilation, distributed by Manchester-based label Front & Follow. The record will feature knocking 30 previously unreleased tracks from The Outer Church alumni. Ekoplekz’s frazzled dub will be present and correct, and Pye Corner Audio will offer an unheard slice of dark, dense electronica. Noirish troubadour Vindicatrix, Mordant Music chief Baron Mordant, seasoned electronic agitators Position Normal and sound sleuth Robin The Fog are also on the tracklist.

The Outer Church will hit shelves on August 5. The first 300 copies will also come with a special letterpressed sleeve; a string of label showcases also planned in London, Brighton and Manchester. Head here for further information. [via Resident Advisor]


1. Embla Quickbeam – Crystal Sea
2. Grumbling Fur – Tilda Holds A Sword And Lilies
3. Some Truths – Some Truths #24 (Edit)
4. Kemper Norton – Melegez
5. Pye Corner Audio – Black Mist
6. Black Mountain Transmitter – Drawn In Silhouette
7. Angkorwat – I Hope He Had
8. Position Normal – Siegfried & Roy
9. Ekoplekz – Outercountry
10. BrokenThree – 96D
11. Anna Meredith – The Binks
12. Hong Kong In The 60s – Summer’s Bird
13. Baron Mordant & Mr Maxted – Roehampton By Night
14. Graham Reznick – Tomorrow In New York City

1. Old Apparatus – Patter
2. VHS Head – Freight Night
3. The Wyrding Module – Thrones Of Nitre
4. Silver Pyre – Frosted Tropic
5. These Feathers Have Plumes – An End To Drought
6. Hacker Farm – Bluebeam
7. Robin The Fog – Unnatural History
8. Vindicatrix – Huemmana
9. Wrong Signals – Waiting On A Beach
10. Sone Institute – Time Itself
11. Tidal – Scry Baby
12. Paper Dollhouse – Swans
13. Time Attendant – WHOA!
14. IX Tab – The Burned Wretch



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