More noisy racket from one of our favourite purveyors of deranged techno.

Randomer, AKA North London producer Rohan Walder, has followed up April’s self-released EP of acid-meets-industrial mania with two tracks for electro house boss Tiga’s label Turbo Recordings.

‘Ruffa’ has the North London producer shredding a one-finger synth line with sandpaper drums until all that’s left is an obscene bass rumble, while ‘No Hook’ sounds like a cyborg tramp conducting an orchestra of trash cans – frantic, metallic, totally demented. London techno producer and Turbo affiliate J. Tijn also gives ‘No Hook’ a deadly makeover with the help of some pulsating laser-gun blasts and a generous dollop of hi-hats; the single will be released on 15 July on vinyl and 22 July digitally.

Last year Randomer delivered a typically uncompromising yet highly danceable FACT mix of grime, dubstep and breaks-heavy hip hop, while more recently he had a crack at a controlled yet chaotic remix of a track by Toronto producer Aquarian.



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