Rizzla and Blk.Adonis share <em>Battyjack</em> EP; watch the title track's hyperactive video now

The masters of KUNQ pay tribute to 90s ragga house.

Long-time collaborators Rizzla and Blk.Adonis have re-teamed for the free, three-track Battyjack EP, which includes the hyper-charged title track (in both club and extended mixes) and a vogue edit of ‘Money Don’t Sleep’, originally by dancehall queen Lisa Hyper; both songs include her vocals.

Rizzla describes the genesis of the EP via email. “It’s our obsession with Lisa Hyper, Vybz Kartel’s ex-right hand girl and like a throwback to 90’s ragga house vibes,” he writes. “The remix of ‘Money Don’t Sleep’ is about using vogue beats to bring out the ferocity in her lyrics and presentation.” Download the EP over on Hulkshare.

The video for ‘Battyjack’, directed by Rollz Royce, is an ADD-addled collage of dancehall clips, Web 1.0 graphics, and Day-Glo video effects. Rizzla recently paired with False Witness for the similarly-minded Isla Toxico. Earlier this year, FACT spoke with the Fade to Mind associate about the meaning of #KUNQ and appropriation in the electronic dance music world.



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