Music for Decepticons.

Sheffield dance institution The Black Dog have a gift for us – an hours’ worth of ambient drone music that’s a little out of character for the usually more banging techno veterans. Titled ‘A Hymn For Megatron’, it’s a pitch black slab of inhuman voices and groaning tectonics. Should take the edge off that pesky summer sun.

Here’s how the Warp first-wavers introduced the music:

This is a small piece recorded in a 60 degree heat in the studio and dedicated to the underground world in SoYo™ – Megatron (Google it), it’s not our usual thing but we’ve never boxed ourselves in and always done what we wanted to.

Last year FACT TV met the The Black Dog at Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival in Poland, where they talked European taxi drivers and how their album Music for Real Airports has affected the way they approach international travel. Back in April the group put together a stonking FACT mix made up of their private edits of bleep techno classics, and their latest LP, Tranklements, came out in May.

Stream and download ‘A Hymn For Megatron’:



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