FACT Mix 396: Moiré

The enigmatic Moiré provides this week’s FACT mix.

Emerging this February with the Never Sleep EP on Werk Discs, the faceless producer has so far drawn plenty of admiring comparisons with label boss Actress for his / her dark and choppy excursions into machine-built techno, as heard on the addictive industrial lurch and of that EP’s cyborgian lead track, ‘If I Lose It’.

Moiré then headed to Rush Hour in May for the release of the Rolx EP, three tracks of warped, hissing techno steeped in the grime and grit of the city. “London is so raw, yet so full of soul,” the producer explained via the label, detailing the almost-human warmth that bubbles underneath the tracks’ pumping pistons. Like Actress, Moiré isn’t afraid to unbolt rhythms and let them veer off-course or lag behind by just a moment, inserting a mood of fallibility and unpredictability to bring this intensely mechanical music to life. Moiré’s FACT mix is one for late night smokers and stargazers, with enough off-beat hats and clipped kicks to keep things gnarly but never losing sight of the hooks needed to keep your interest. It’s a lovely session – download it below.

No tracklist provided – comment box spotters, your time.



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