Actress-approved producer Moiré has detailed his/her second EP of the year. 

The faceless producer released the Never Sleep three-track on Werk Discs back in Februrary, and won a fair few admirers in the process (our review heralded a “strong opening gambit with plenty of exciting potential”). As Juno Plus note, Moiré’s next EP will arrive on excellent Dutch imprint Rush Hour.

Rolx will feature three more tracks of deliberately damaged “London techno”. ‘I Don’t Get It’ is a hissing, blunted house cut, whereas ‘Rolx’ has some sets syrup-thick synth pads over a rhythm track that could fall apart at any minute. ‘Real Special’, meanwhile, is the closest in spirit to Actress in warped electro mode.

Head to the Rush Hour site for short clips of each track. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

1. I Don’t Get It
2. Rolx
3. Real Special



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