Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush unveil Future Brown's 'Marbles'

Supergroup Future Brown debuted earlier this year with the phenomenal Tink-featuring ‘Wanna Party‘, and now they’re back with brand new cut ‘Marbles’.

Chopped from their upcoming album, the track is used in a fashion campaign for Teflar Clemens, which oddly suits the music’s icy minimalism. The foursome of Asma Maroof, Daniel Pineda, Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush are have a winning formula, with Al Qadiri’s plasticky aesthetic and J-Cush’s dancefloor drive adding a heart and soul to Nguzunguzu‘s usual spacious flutter.

Take a look below. [via Gorilla vs. Bear]





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