Get wise to the second half of the Justin Timberlake diptych. 

Since part one of The 20/20 Experience dropped in Spring, Timberlake has indulged old muckers N’Sync, joined Jay-Z on his creative helter-skelter, and got the nod to stand for President. Next week, he’ll round out his year with the other half of the 20/20 project, now available to stream in its entirety. Head over to iTunes to listen.

In an interview with Kiss FM earlier this week, Timberlake revealed that he’s rekindled his productive creative relationship with Pharrell for the first time since 2003’s Justified, and that the pair may be teaming up with Timberlake’s other svengali, TimbalandBoth parts of The Experience will be available to buy together as a plush 4xCD box set on October 1.

01 Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)
02 True Blood
03 Cabaret
04 T.K.O.
05 Take Back the Night
06 Murder
07 Drink You Away
08 You Got It On
9 Amnesia
10 Only When I Walk Away
11 Not a Bad Thing



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