Poll shows Americans would like to see Justin Timberlake as President; united against Justin Bieber, rap music

Public Policy Polling takes a break from politics to gauge American opinions on music.

Earlier this month, PPP polled an American audience about music. While pop stars like Taylor Swift (53-27), Adele (54-18), and Beyonce (51-30), received positive favorable/unfavorable ratings, Chris Brown (13-57) and Lady Gaga (29-50) did not, and only Justin Bieber’s unfavorability crossed party lines, with Democrats, Republicans, and independents reporting negative views of the singer.

When asked who they’d like to see as President from a select group of pop artists, 34% chose Justin Timberlake, with 19% choosing (the ineligible) Adele. As for genres, classical (77-13), country (71-23), and jazz (71-20) garnered the highest marks, with rap receiving a shockingly bad (19-68). Even dubstep received 14% favorability, even though 47% of respondents were “unsure” of what dubstep is; these days, we have the same concern.

Interestingly, only 17% of Americans say they have been “to the club,” while “Snoop Dogg” (56%) beat out “Snoop Doggy Dogg” (30%) and “Snoop Lion” (14%) as the favored name for the rap/reggae artist. We agree with that last bit.



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