Wanna bake wi’ me?

If this isn’t the weirdest thing you see on the internet today, you need have a good long think about what you’re using your computer for.

In brief, Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg has made a commercial for the “microwaveable turnover snacks” known as Hot Pockets (for the benefit of UK readers, they’re not dissimilar to Findus Crispy Pancakes).

But rather than shooting a quick 30-second TV spot, he’s gone all out – the four and a half minute ad sees Snoop, Bow Wow and YouTube celebrity KevJumba reworking Biz Markie’s ‘Just A Friend’ with lyrics all about – you guessed it, Hot Pockets.

The ad centres around model-slash-actress Kate Upton eating-slash-fellating a Hot Pocket before falling into a psychedelic dreamworld where cartoon sheep fly over rainbows and Snoop rhymes about the savoury snack with lines like, “tastes so good gotta lick your lips” and “don’t disturb / the garden where I grow flavour fantastical herbs”. The whole thing is spilling over with sex and drugs innuendo, in fact – the product placement aspect is really the least of it. Watch the video above.

Snoop has really been diversifying his portfolio this year, teaming up with Eddie Murphy to record a reggae song, launching his own photo-sharing app Snoopify and, most recently, recording a mixtape with his two sons.



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