Gorgeous Children‘s syrupy blend of degraded samples and ice-cold raps had us open-mouthed earlier this year, and now they’re back with another startling new drop.

Coming from Jaques Greene’s Vase imprint, ‘Sour’ finds Denver-based producer Gila Monsta grappling with Vangelis‘s influential Blade Runner soundtrack, and unlike so many before him, he actually emerges victorious. Lavishing the familiar twinkling Yamaha CS80 swirls and disorienting vocals with beats tough enough to snap the thickest of necks, he creates a deft and disarmingly original backdrop for rapper Face Vega to unleash his unnerving ice cold cache of rhymes over.

The result is dark certainly, but Gorgeous Children are far from horrorcore, and ‘Sour’ certainly isn’t yet another ATL club snoozer. Let’s hope there’s more where this came from, we have a feeling that Gorgeous Children are onto something very special indeed.



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