The Week's Best Vinyl Releases

Few people are onto great records as quickly as a great record store.

After years spent discovering gems in Phonica’s end of year lists, it made sense to give them a regular space on FACT. Every Saturday morning, Phonica staff will pick out the five vinyl records you should grab this week.


(Temporary Residence)

After The Disintegration Loops came Melancholia, created in a similar method as the NYC composer revisited short tape loops he’d recorded in the early ’80s and found that their deterioration resulted in unique and otherworldly sounds. Pressed on vinyl for the first time, this LP may not be cheap, but it’s damn near essential.

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Farben presents James DIN A4

Jan Jelinek dons his Farben hat for a platter of screwy, off-kilter house grooves created by remixing his way through the oeuvre of sample and collage artist Dennish Busch’s James DIN A4 project. Warm as eiderdown and deliciously trippy, the 10 tracks should work for home listening and on smaller ‘floors.

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Call Girl Machine LP

Analogue house that’s as loopy as the way it was made – in a darkened room with daisy-chained circuits “looping the mother of all loops”, according to London producer Asan. This four-track of noodle-jams arrives on fledgling label Lampuka in a limited run.
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Beyond Time/Interpretations EP
(Peur Bleue Records)

London-based duo Nummer give their rugged, Detroit-inspired rhythms a pleasingly organic twist, with jazzy upright bass rumbling through opener ‘The Predestination Paradox’ and raw drums powering dancefloor burner ‘Krypte’, before ‘Ethereality’ closes the show with gloomy ambient meditation. Great artwork and only 300 copies, so snap it up.

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‘Our Music/Edge of Infinity’ 12″
(Sharivari Records)

And finally, two slabs of classic house from the Sharivari vaults, reissued on covetable marbled vinyl. On the A-side is ‘Our Music’, a symphonic, proto-‘New 4 U’ groove by Trackheadz, AKA Toronto veteran Nick Holder. The flip sees Estonian producer Microphunk and Canadian duo Houseriders collaborate on a similarly smooth, yet blissfully dubbed out cut. Record bag staples for the discerning deep house DJ, we reckon.

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