Since making his name in the late ’80s as a member of The Wild Bunch and then Massive Attack, Tricky has become one of British music’s most unconventionally iconic musicians, releasing perhaps trip-hop’s defining document in 1995’s Maxinquaye. He’s released over 10 more albums in the years since, but his latest, Adrian Thaws, is the first to use his birth name.

From the high-profile feuds and relationships (Björk, Martina Topley-Bird) to his issues with drugs and film roles in The Fifth Element and Face/Off, it’s hard to imagine Tricky marching to the beat of anybody else’s drum. In this documentary, he speaks personally about his career and life to date, and how with Adrian Thaws, he’s finally found out where he wants to be. Tricky being Tricky, of course, he’s also in outspoken form, with Bono, David Cameron, Damon Albarn and more in his sights.

Adrian Thaws is available to buy now from !K7. Watch out for more in-depth documentaries airing on FACT TV in the coming months.

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