UK boutique company Modal unveils two luxury synthesizers

And they won’t come cheap.

While there’s been a definite shift towards affordable synths in the past few years thanks to products like Korg’s Volca series, UK boutique operation Modal Electronics thinks there’s clearly a market for ultra high-end gear, as freshly announced Modal 008 and Modal 001 demonstrate.

The 008 is fully analog, but its glossy black exterior looks closer to a starship control console than any piece of vintage gear. It’s an eight-voice polysynth with a two-track, 32-step sequencer that also features  the ability to create complex modulation from the front panel without the need for patch cables.

Modal’s 001 is a hybrid analog/digital synth that looks a little more modest than the 008. It’s based on the company’s coveted 002 synthesizer, so it has 50 different waveforms, analog signal path, step sequencer and extensive connectivity options, albeit in a smaller three-octave chassis. There’s also a rack-mounted version of the 002 now available if you want it.

As you’d expect, these don’t come cheap. No price has been announced for the 008, but the 001 will cost £1,350/$1,995, meaning it’s a fair bet the 008 will be on a par with the £2995/$5200 of last year’s 001. You can find out more at the Modal website, or just look longingly at images below of synthesizers you may never own.

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