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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

Heading up this week’s selection is a mix from Minimal Wave founder Veronica Vasicka, plus selections from A/V specialist Konx-om-Pax, crate-digger Beatrice Dillon, the inimitable JD Twitch and more. There’s also room for another excellent Freerotation ambient set.

Veronica Vasicka
XLR8R Podcast 396

Minimal Wave mastermind Veronica Vasicka delivers the squelch, the fuzz and the grot on her XLR8R podcast, taking us on a journey through her own specialism – raw, dark electronics from the early 80s – to contemporary devotees like Paranoid London and her Cititrax signing Broken English Club.

Picture Mix 1

Ahead of his tour of Asia with Lone this weekend, Scottish A/V artist Konx-om-Pax has delivered the first in a series of “picture mixes”. Pairing each set with 300dpi artwork for print, desktop and phone, the first starts with a cavernous trance intro and features everything from dub techno by Porter Ricks and IDM from AFX through to pounding techno from Floorplan and Gesloten Cirkel. It’s a lot of different sounds to patch together, but it comes together in a glorious blast of colour just like his art.

Jo Johnson
Juno Plus Podcast 117

Another week, another ambient set recorded in the chillout yurt at Freerotation. We’ll forgive this one though, as it’s a set of all original material recorded by Jo Johnson, responsible for last year’s sublime Weaving on Further Records. Performed live with Ableton and the help of several Polysix and Juno plug-ins, it’s a blend of intense, moody drones, spiralling arpeggios and viscous textures that could easily be released as an album in its own right.

JD Twitch
Live at Magic Waves Summer Festival, Berlin 2015 (So Low Synth NRG set)

It seems there isn’t a genre JD Twitch doesn’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of, and in this mix he runs through the “more accessible synth end” of what he plays at his occasional So Low nights in Glasgow. Recorded at the Magic Waves summer festival in Berlin earlier this month, it captures Twitch doing what he does best: playing vintage analog party music that sounds like it’s being transmitted from an era that even underground dance history seems to have forgotten. It’s also something to get you in the mood for the So Low compilation he says is being released by The Vinyl Factory later this year.

Beatrice Dillon w/ Morkebla
NTS Radio

Beatrice Dillon pulled some gems out the bag for her latest NTS show, with Laurel Halo’s jazzy experiments rubbing up against the sounds of a piano being cleaned, while Bass Clef and Mix Mup raise the tempo and Ariel Kalma offers soothing new age tones. There’s a guest mix from Where To Now? producer Morkebla, too.

Neana, Gage and MikeQ
Crazylegs on Radar Radio

Crazylegs producer Gage and Night Slugs upstart Neana both possess a sharp ear for finest underground US sounds, with Gage even hooking up with ballroom star Kevin Jz Prodigy last year for the club-obliterating ‘Bad Bitch’. On Radar Radio this week they teamed up with another ballroom legend in the shape of DJ and producer MikeQ, laying down an epic back-to-back session that naturally includes a ballroom refix of #BBHMM.

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