It comes from the reissue of the 1996 IDM classic Expert Knob Twiddlers.

Mike Paradinas has shared an unreleased track from the forthcoming expanded reissue of Expert Knob Twiddlers, the 1996 collaborative album from his µ-Ziq alias and Aphex Twin.

Revealed last week via a series of posters that appeared in record shops, a press release from the label confirms that the reissue is “re-configured with some really good extras too which didn’t quite fit in with the original version.”

Ahead of the album’s release on September 2 you can hear the previously unreleased ‘Vodka (Mix 2)’ and check the tracklist below.


Disc 1:
01 Mr. Frosty
02 Reg
03 Jelly Fish
04 Eggy Toast
05 Vodka
06 Winner Takes All
07 Upright Kangaroo
08 Giant Deflating Football
09 The Sound Of The Beady Eyes
10 Bu Bu Bu Ba

Disc 2:
01 Vodka (Mix 2)
02 Portamento Gosh
03 Waltz
04 Brivert & MuondsAphex Twin
05 Clissold Bathroom
06 Jelly Fish (Mix 2)
07 Organ Plodder



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