NI releases free collection of festive vintage toy samples for Christmas

Make music with a train set, music box and collection of toy xylophones.

Native Instruments is giving away a pack of sound samples for Christmas “based on the timeless sounds of vintage children’s toys.”

Kinetic Treats features three instruments: an electric train set, a music box and “Xylo Polyphones,” which includes harmonicas, xylophones and metallophones like the Fisher Price instruments everyone had as a child.

The train set includes railroad crossing bells alongside the train sounds themselves, while the music box also doubles up as a toy turntable.

The pack needs NI’s Kontakt instrument to use, but that’s also free. Kinetic Treats is free until January 4, and NI is also giving away a free €25 voucher for use in its store – full details here.

If you want some more unusual samples for production, check FACT’s list of cult techno producer Legowelt’s best free instruments.

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