The Dodeka keyboard uses its own musical notation system.

A startup called Dodeka has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its new keyboard and notation system that’s designed to be as easy as possible to learn.

The Dodeka keyboard is based on a chromatic configuration: instead of having black and white note keys set at different heights and sizes, Dodeka sets all keys at the same level, in a straight linear fashion.

The accompanying notation system has a simple four-line structure that removes flat and sharp symbols, which Dodeka claims makes it clearer and easier to read than traditional sheet music.

As Dodeka’s keyboard spaces out its notes equally, all scales can be played using the same fingering. This means that all chords are the played with the same shape as well.

Dodeka is offering several rewards for backers, including a roll-up piano for around $148 and a full-size premium keyboard for about $1,267. Dodeka has also created an app and xylophone that uses the system – find out more at the Kickstarter campaign page.

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