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Audio/visual composer Howie Lee is gearing up to release his chaotic Homeless EP this Friday, May 26 via his own Do Hits label. As you can hear from ‘笛子 Dizi’ and the EP’s previously released lead single ‘四海 Four Seas’, Lee’s output is dystopian future club music perfect for this very moment.

“‘Dizi’ is trying to put together little elements that inspired me from all over the world,” the Beijing-based producer says of the track. “You can hear all sorts of inspirations, from Middle Eastern rhythm, to Cambodian chanting, to almost baile funk inspired Chinese drums, to a out of tune country side style Suona solo, and it’s clubby, too.”

Homeless is out May 26. Watch the EP trailer and his self-directed and animated video for ‘四海 Four Seas’, a standout track of 2017, below.

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