RE:COVER is a new FACT series in which our favourite artists reinterpret songs by their heroes.

For the series’ first episode, South London musician Kwake Bass (featuring additional vocals by Dewey) jams out a hazy interpretation of one of the most classic Radiohead songs ever, ‘Idioteque’.

The standout track from their daring electronic U-turn album Kid A quickly became one of the group’s most divisive songs upon release in 2000. Inspired by Aphex Twin and featuring samples from Paul Lansky’s ‘Mild Und Leise’, the single was a huge departure from the space-rock of OK Computer. Many fans hated it. Kwake Bass was not one of them.

“That whole electronic switch of direction for me was really cool. Also at the time I was really into programming and just started working out what I liked about all of that.” he told us from his studio before using an innovative live drum-trigger set-up to create a lush, hypnotising rendition of the song. Turn up the volume and enjoy.



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