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FACT mix 681: Kelly Moran

Warp’s Kelly Moran pieces together a colorful mix full of unexpected twists and turns.

It was at college when New York-born Kelly Moran discovered minimalism. She was already an accomplished pianist, but given pointers from her professors, she embarked on a new journey into sound that tossed away some of the structures she knew so well.

Experimenting with prepared piano techniques and using an EBow – an electromagnetic gadget for sustaining string notes – Moran started to devise a unique sound that bolted together a spectrum of her musical interests. Soon, she moved back to New York and joined local DIY acts Cellular Chaos and Voice Coils, playing bass and synth.

But Moran’s love for the piano eventually caught up with her and she channeled her training into 2016’s self-released Optimist and 2017’s acclaimed Bloodroot. Earlier this month, following a busy year performing as part of Oneohtrix Point Never’s MYRIAD ensemble, Moran released her most defined statement to date, Ultraviolet on Warp.

Fusing her interest in fuzzy ambient music, dream pop, black metal and jazz, Ultraviolet is a vivid, uncompromising record that illustrates Moran’s vision perfectly. It’s a theme that carries through her FACT mix, as she casually blends Queen with Metro Boomin, Drudkh with Philip Glass and Steve Reich with Oneohtrix Point Never.


Molly Joyce – ‘Shapeshifter’
Metro Boomin – ‘Only You’ (feat. Wizkid, Offset + J Balvin)
Queen – ‘Killer Queen’
Ben Frost – ‘Theory of Machines’
Fennesz + Sakamoto – ‘Oto’
Drudkh – ‘Summoning the Rain’
Philip Glass – ‘Etude VI’
Olga Bell – ‘Khabarovsk Krai’
Gold Panda – ‘Same Dream China’
Steve Reich – ‘Electric Counterpoint (Fast)’
Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Transmat Memories’
Mario Diaz de Leon – ‘Sanctuary’
At The Drive-In – ‘Arcarsenal’
Ladytron – ‘Season of Illusions’
Bibio – ‘Quantock’
Broadcast – ‘You And Me In Time’
Telefon Tel Aviv – ‘My Week Beats Your Year’

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