Lakker’s Eomac builds a beat with samples used on his 2016 album Bedouin Trax.

Whether it’s turning Dutch archive recordings into tense techno as one half of Lakker, or incorporating Arabic and Islamic music into his solo work as Eomac, an experimental approach to sampling has long been at the centre of Ian McDonnell’s production.

We caught up with the producer at Supple 9 studios, Berlin to watch him shape a beat out of some the samples he used for his 2016 album Bedouin Trax, an album that came about as part of a musical exchange between McDonnell and Dubai-based label Bedouin Records. See what he came up with in 10 minutes, above.

Next month R&S Records will release the latest album from Lakker, Época, which is available to pre-order now.

Filmed by Frank Zerban

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